Signs of Spring

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It’s been a long time coming, and it seems that the magnolia, cherry, and plum trees are all at least a few days behind schedule. But spring is on its way nonetheless. This is how I, the crazed photographer, can tell that the seasons are changing:

  1. A glimpse inside the film fridge reveals a startling lack of ISO 100 films. But we suddenly have so much more sun and daylight! I immediately add Ektar and Reala to my shopping list and begin daydreaming about the vivid colors and fine grain.
  2. Concerned that I might miss peak flowering times, I begin poring over the EXIF data of photos taken in previous years. I make note of dates and locations of my favorite flowering trees in the hopes of catching them in full bloom.
  3. The cats begin shedding their winter coats. I curse the furry critters, and grumble every time I have to clean cat hair off my camera bag, scanner, dining table …
  4. Realize that Edwin Land‘s birthday is just over a month away and it’s on a Saturday this year! Begin brainstorming ideas for a commemorative photowalk or other celebration worthy of the genius inventor.
  5. I finally update my online shop with spring photo notecards. Perfect for Easter greetings and seasonal notes!

How do you know that it’s spring in your neck of the woods?

Magnolia polaroid by Jessica Hibbard ElenstarA magnolia tree in my neighborhood, captured on expired 779 film with my Polaroid SX-70.
Photo notecard available for purchase online at

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  1. Kat White
    July 5, 2011

    The colours are just gorgeous!


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