Is it too late for a ‘Roid Week Recap?

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I know it’s been a couple weeks since Polaroid Week ended, but I’m still discovering new photos in the pool. 3860 photos from 1400 instant photographers … Inspiration overload! I have a set of ‘Roid Week photos on Flickr, but thought I’d share some here, as well as some photos I’ve taken since then.

Polaroid Week, Day 1:

Walking through Walls Leafy Daydreams

Polaroid Week, Day 2:

PX70 PUSH: Purple Coneflowers II PX70 PUSH: Purple Coneflowers I

Polaroid Week, Day 3:

Impossible Echinacea II Impossible Echinacea I

Polaroid Week, Day 4:

PX680ff Sunflower PX680ff Brushstrokes

Dessert for two. Would you like to sit in the garden?

Polaroid Week, Day 5:

Built for two

Twin Rocks

Cannon Beach

Go fly a kite

As soon as Polaroid Week ended, I hopped in my car and road-tripped to upstate New York for a long weekend with my best friend from college. There were laughs, cocktails, and serendipitous meetings. Oh, and hats:

Hat Twinsies on PZ680 © 2011 Jessica Hibbard Elenstar

Just yesterday, I found myself in a truly magical garden. Amazing views no matter where I looked, including through the greenhouse:


My friend Michelle has been wanting to shoot polaroids for a while now … Just this week, she got her first 600 camera. We met for lunch today so I could give her a “care package” of Impossible film and show her the ropes:


I’ve been using my Spectra ProCam a LOT lately, and starting to feel a bit paranoid about it breaking on me. So I got a “backup” on eBay. Turns out the new one is even nicer (close to mint), and it came with both original straps and the closeup filter. Not too shabby:

Happy Face

Believe it or not, I have a huge stack of photos that I still haven’t posted. I’ll be sharing those soon, along with some other news, including my first solo exhibit and some upcoming meetups and workshops. More soon!


  1. BonjourArt
    July 28, 2011

    You are such an artist with the impossible film, it’s outstanding! I am yet to start shooting with PX680FF , do you have any tips? Do you shield them immediately, do you heat them up?

    Sorry for all the questions, I really love your blog.

  2. Jess
    July 28, 2011

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I find that careful shielding is critical with PX680 and the other new color films. The weather is pretty hot right now, but I haven’t done anything to heat or cool the film. In general, I get the best results when I shoot in the shade or evening light … midday is challenging.

  3. Ashley
    July 28, 2011

    It’s never to late to talk about Roid Week!
    I love your flower diptych from day 4 and all of your beautiful sea photos. Also… that pie. Now I want pie.

  4. Lily
    August 24, 2011

    ahhh, these are so great. I was just wondering how do you scan/prepare your polaroids for flickr? I try to scan mine but they just end up looking blurry and dull… What settings do you use?

    • Jess
      September 17, 2011

      Thanks, Lily. I use an Epson v500 scanner and don’t really have to adjust the colors or anything. I scan at a high resolution and carefully remove dust and newton’s rings in photoshop.


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